1:12 Super Flexible Steel MALE Seamless Prominent Muscular Body for Custom Figure TB league Phicen (with Headsculpt)


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Customise your own figure with this 1/12 scale Phicen Seamless body. Buy yours today from Scifitoys, Australia favourite customs, figures and statues online store.
The 1/12 scale seamless body measures approx 16.3cm and neatly nestles in your hand.
Its internal skeleton armature is made from durable stainless steel to withstand play-ability without being easily damaged or corrupted. Each armature has 22 points of articulation for maximum flexibility and movement. Each joint is designed to move freely and consistently with 90% accuracy. The steel metal armature is wrapped with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly specially
developed for TBLeague bodies. The skin texture is designed to deliver a tactile experience of real skin.
Choose from the following Model (each sold separately):
TBLeague TM01A  1/12th Scale Super-Flexible Female Seamless Body 15.3cm
TBLeague TM01B 1/12th Scale Super-Flexible Female Seamless 16.3 cm with more prominent Muscle
Packing List:
1) 1 × 1/12 super flexible male seamless body 
2) 1 × head sculpt
2) 4 pairs × interchangeable hands 
3) 1 pair × removable flat-heeled feet
4) 1 × boxer brief
Packaging Measurements: 16cm * 9cm * 3.3 cm