Hand Sanitizer by Oracle Jayne Station


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Luxury hand sanitizer made from organic and natural ingredients by Oracle Jayne Station. Handmade in NYC.

  • No sticky feel, non-drying, no harsh scent
  • Ingredients: Alcohol (ethanol) – 78%, volume/volume (v/v) in an aqueous solution, 40-B Denatured Alcohol compliant with TTB Regulations in 27 CFR part 20 and 21, Glycerin (glycerol) – USP (1.45% v/v), Hydrogen Peroxide – Food Grade (0.125% v/v), Purified Water, organic Texas cedar essential oil, organic Bulgarian essential oil, wild chaparral leaves.
  • Adult external use only
  • Fresh scent of organic Mexican cedar, organic Bulgarian lavender, and wild chaparral
  • Handmade in NYC