T.U.K. Embroidered Patch 2-Pack



DIY your favorite jacket, backpack, and more with this T.U.K. logo and TUK The World Birdie patch set! T.U.K. logo patch measures approximately 2.63” wide x 3” tall. TUK The World middle finger patch measures approximately 2” wide x 3” tall. Embroidered fabric design with iron-on application.

Instructions for application: Make sure your fabric is flat. Apply to fabric and place a tea towel over the patch. Set your iron on a low to medium setting and iron over the tea towel to gently heat the patch for no more than 5 seconds at a time. Apply several times allowing the patch to cool in-between each application of heat until the patch is stuck firmly. To wash, turn the garment inside out and wash on a synthetic heat setting. These patches are designed for one time application but if peeling occurs, repeat the above steps to reapply.